my story

I'm Jodie Rose, a Hampshire based modern calligrapher with over 5 years experience in special event stationery and signage and teaching popular workshops.

I've always loved art, which I studied at school and college, and being creative runs in my family. Since I was young, I have used the creative process as an outlet and a way to unwind. I love painting and drawing but calligraphy was always the biggest interest of mine, so I absolutely love that I am able to do it full time!

One Christmas, when I was around 10 years old, I was gifted a calligraphy kit and as much as I tried, I just couldn't learn unaided and so I put it to one side. It stuck with me as something I'd love to learn and so many years later when the opportunity arose, I got back into it and haven't put the pen down since!

I got married in August 2018, so I understand the stress that wedding planning can bring. Since I'm mostly commissioned for weddings, I just love to have the chance to be involved in the journey and to offer help where I can.

I hope you enjoy my website & be sure to visit my instagram to see my latest projects passing over my desk!


Jodie Rose